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Transaction Security for Solar Staff clients
Transaction Security for Solar Staff clients

Fund reservation for tasks

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Solar Staff implements Transaction Security, which involves reserving the client’s funds and enables you to receive certificates and tax invoices after accepting (instead of paying for) tasks. The documents will still be generated at the end of the reporting month. This also ensures all your interactions with freelancers are in full compliance with the law.

Transaction Security falls into three categories:

  1. Funds are reserved upon task creation
    This requires funds on your company account. They will be reserved right after you create a task.

  2. Funds are reserved upon task acceptance
    To accept a completed task, your company balance needs to have sufficient funds. They will be reserved the moment a task is accepted.

  3. Fund reservation with delayed payment
    This option needs to be activated separately, please contact customer support via chat, or email [email protected].

After a freelancer completes a task, you can accept the results or return it for corrections within 15 days. Otherwise, the task will be accepted automatically.

Once the task is accepted, you have 3 days to pay for it. On the 4th day, the payment for the task will be made automatically (unless the delayed-payment Transaction Security option is activated).

To make changes to the task terms when it is already in progress, you will need confirmation from the freelancer in their personal Solar Staff account. The task’s status will show Change approval in progress.

Tasks that have not yet been taken by the freelancer (Waiting to start status) do not require confirmation of changes.

If a freelancer is unable to complete a task on the agreed-upon terms, they may open a dispute and describe the situation. You can propose new terms, and if you cannot agree them with the freelancer – initiate a mediation process by contacting our customer support.

An important factor in Transaction Security is deadlines. When a deadline is reached, a task is returned to the client, whereupon you decide whether to cancel it or move the deadline.

The deadline can be extended by several hours or several days, depending on what you have agreed with the freelancer.

Canceling a task that is past the deadline does not require confirmation from the freelancer.

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