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Payouts to crypto wallets
Payouts to crypto wallets

How to link and withdraw to USDT TRC20 TRON or USDT ERC20 Ethereum

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Freelancers with a verified account may withdraw funds in the USDT cryptocurrency to two types of wallets:


  • USDT ERC20 Ethereum

Payments to crypto wallet are not available for freelancers based in Russia, North Korea or Iran.

Link a wallet

To link a crypto wallet, go to the Finances page, select the Payment methods tab, and click USDT (TRC20) or USDT (ERC20).

Enter the SMS code sent to the phone number that is linked to your account, and then enter the full USDT wallet address and click Link.

Wallets validation:

  • USDT TRC20: digits and characters, 33 symbols, starts from «T» (example: TPGEVrrVCe8fDqHLSiKBxV4gWrgqaTPrzK);

  • USDT ERC20: digits and characters, 42 symbols, starts from «0x» (example: 0xA477941c7AAD6536f175ef123bf9eeD6F82A4c85).

Withdraw to a USDT wallet

Go to the Balances tab and click Withdraw. Enter the amount in your balance currency and click Next. The second screen will show a USDT calculation of the actual amount to be remitted. Click Withdraw.


Solar Staff only supports EUR payouts to USDT wallets. If the currency of your balance is USD or RUB, the service converts the payout amount to EUR.

The EUR amount is subject to Solar Staff's 3.5% commission on USDT wallet withdrawals.

Minimum withdrawal amount to TRC20 TRON - €11, ERC20 Ethereum - €11.

The EUR to USDT conversion is done by the payment partner, whose exchange rate changes every 60 seconds.

Got questions? Contact Solar Staff support via online chat or at [email protected].

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