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Information for US-based freelancers
Information for US-based freelancers

Payout options and limitations

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Due to FATCA restrictions, payments to Visa or Mastercard cards issued by US banks are not supported in Solar Staff (to learn more, see Countries and payouts).

Therefore, there is a limited choice of withdrawal methods for US-based freelancers:

  • Manual wire transfer

  • Two-stage withdrawal through European IBAN (opened, for example in Wise)

  • Withdrawals in USDT cryptocurrency to two types of wallets:


    • USDT ERC20 Ethereum

Important! Note that all the options are available only for verified Solar Staff users. To learn more, see Verification rules.

Please see below the terms and conditions for withdrawal options.

Manual wire transfer

To make a wire transfer, please contact Solar Staff support and provide your bank details both in the message body and as a PDF file downloaded from your bank:

Bank account details must be applicable for an international transfer:

  • WIRE routing number

  • Аccount number

  • Bank name

  • Full name of account holder as registered with the bank

  • Account holder's address, including postal code

Wire transfers are made in USD. If you have euros at your balance, the amount will be converted to USD by the internal conversion rate. Withdrawal commission is 2%, but not less than 25 USD. It may take 10 or more business days for the money to arrive.

Two-stage withdrawal

To use this option, a US-based freelancer needs to open a European IBAN account with Wise and link it to their Solar Staff account. Next, make a withdrawal to the Wise account as a SEPA payment, and from Wise – to a US bank account or a Wise card.

Such withdrawals can be made at any time from your balance, and the withdrawal commission is 2%, but not less than 2 USD.

For terms & conditions of withdrawals in USDT cryptocurrency - please see the specific article.

For additional questions, please write to Solar Staff support in the online chat or by email to [email protected].

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