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Company account users and their rights
Company account users and their rights

Adding users and setting up security options

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Company account administrators can add new users and assign them various rights.

1) Go to Company → Users.

2) At the bottom of the page, enter the user’s working email. An email with a registration link will arrive at the address.

3) The rights correspond to the functions that the user will perform in the service. For example:

  • Create new tasks and Accept task results – the user can set tasks, accept tasks, or send them back for corrections. They can't pay for tasks or cancel (decline) the already accepted tasks.

  • Make payments – the user has access to full payment functionality and can decline tasks in the Pending payment status.

  • Create new users – the user can add new users, as well as modify existing users' rights.

  • Import tasks – ability to mass-import tasks (provided the respective function is enabled in your account).

  • Edit groups – the user can add or alter groups on the tasks tab (bottom of the page).

  • Accountant – allows the user to download certificates and invoices under Documents.

  • Observer – the user can view tasks and performers, but doesn’t have access to other account functions.

4) Security settings. Here, you can set up additional security options (general or payment-specific):

  • Allow login for specific IP addresses only.

  • Limit the duration of a session – after a specified time, the user has to log in again.

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