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Proper way to set a task
Proper way to set a task

Why a detailed description is essential for both you and the freelancer

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Solar Staff gives you everything you need to describe your task in detail, specifying its requirements and deadlines. This helps freelancers better understand what's expected of them and complete the job without a hitch.\

Reasons why task contents matter

By providing an accurate and detailed description of the task and enabling the option of requesting a report from the freelancer, you ensure the following:

  • The works or services will meet your expectations, and you won't have to deal with delays, disputes, or the need for corrections. If your requirements are set down within the service, they serve as a legal record of your having fully informed the freelancer.

  • You'll have the evidence of the services rendered or works performed and justification for the amount of remuneration for the purposes of anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) compliance checks. The same goes for tax, audit, and any other kinds of inspections.

  • Bargaining chips in any potential disputes with the freelancer.

Things to keep in mind

Category and attributes

You’re given a catalog of categories and names to choose from for your task. The services or works must correspond to the freelancer's specialization.

As for the attributes, you fill them in yourself – do your best to formulate them as clearly and accurately as possible, because the attributes are included in the accounting documents. For example, in the URL field you can supply a direct link to the website section or the social media group/community where the work result (banner, article, video) is to be posted.

If possible, fill in all the attribute fields. In any case, at least one attribute must be specified.

This requirement does not apply to tasks subject to the Russian Federal Law "On Advertising" (as amended). To learn more, see Ad labeling legislation: What's changed at Solar Staff.

Let’s take processing online applications for an educational course / tutoring (and/or any auxiliary services) as an example. The system offers two attributes:

  1. Name of course or auxiliary services, educator's name. Sample: Introduction to Fintech and Industry Regulation, live stream, 5 hours, lecturer – John Smith.

  2. Number of processed applications. Sample: 38.

Do not put a dash or other symbols into attribute fields to indicate absence of information.

After filling in the attributes, we recommend checking "Need report." This way, you'll have an additional piece of confirmation as regards the job.

The freelancer is notified that they need to provide a report once they finish the task. The report may contain anything from a list of the activities undertaken as part of the task and the goals achieved to the resources and monetary costs incurred by the freelancer, the latter in particular being useful for assessing and planning new tasks. Freelancers can also enrich their reports with task output, such as website screenshots, advertising materials, articles, or graphs (if available).

Task name and description

Give the task an informative and detailed name and try to flesh out the work or service scope as much as possible. Consider the following questions:

  • What steps does the freelancer need to take to complete the task?

  • What should guide the freelancer in their work on the task?

  • What are the deliverables and how are they to be achieved?

  • What form should the result be delivered in?


The task must be reasonably priced inasmuch as the scope and nature of the works/services need to economically justify the price. That price should stay within the general range of the market rates for similar services.

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