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Referral program for freelancers
Referral program for freelancers

Freelancers can now earn bonuses by inviting clients to register in Solar Staff.

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The bonus amount ($100, €100, or ₽10,000 per client) can be withdrawn from the freelancer's Solar Staff balance to their payment method of choice.


All freelancers with a Solar Staff account (no matter if signed up independently or invited) are eligible to make use of the referral program. All countries are covered.

Referral bonus

Depending on the client's currency, the bonus amount is $100, €100, or ₽10,000. You will get the reward once the referred client registers in Solar Staff and their payouts for tasks reach €2,000, $2,000, or ₽200,000. We track the referred client's turnover monthly based on work completion certificates. If the client's payouts have reached the minimum threshold in the reporting month, you will receive the bonus within the first 10 days of the following month.

If the turnover threshold remains unmet, we continue adding up the payouts cumulatively in the following months.

Client's currency

Turnover threshold

Your bonus


€2,000 or more



$2,000 or more



₽200,000 or more


Please note:

- Only legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can be clients in Solar Staff.

- Tasks that you perform for the client are also counted towards the threshold payout amount.


Log in to your Solar Staff account on the website or in the app and go to the "Referral program" section.

- On the website: Profile → Clients → Referral program.

- In the app: Settings → General → Referral program.

Copy your personal referral link and send it to a client. After the client signs up and fulfills the referral conditions, you will receive a bonus: Solar Staff will set you a task titled "Solar Staff's referral program", which you will need to accept and complete in your account. The money will then arrive to your balance in the service.

If you use offers, the steps are a bit different: the offer link also acts as a referral link, so when your client follows it and accepts the offer, they automatically count as being referred by you. More on accepting offers as a client here.

When will my referral bonus arrive?

If the client's turnover has reached the minimum threshold, the referral reward will arrive at the beginning of the next month, within 10 business days. So if a client, say, pays out RUB 180,000 in January and RUB 20,000 in February, then in 10 working days you will see a task priced at RUB 10,000 appear in your account.

Guiding the client through the referral process

To get your reward faster, you can explain to the client how to get started with Solar Staff. Here's what they need to know:

  1. They need to sign up using the referral link. Otherwise, we would not be able to link the client to you and give you the bonus.

  2. Once registered, the client will need to fill in company details.

  3. Solar Staff support will contact the client via email or phone and help set up their account (choose the type of agreement, select the currency, and calculate the Solar Staff commission based on the expected turnover).

  4. Once everything is set up, the client will need to invite contractors, top up their Solar Staff balance in advance, assign tasks, and pay for them as they get completed.

  5. At the beginning of the next month, after all tasks have been paid for, the client will receive closing documents (work completion certificates).

Clients from outside Russia do not need to complete the above steps when working with offers. All they need to do to be referred as part of the program is accept the offer from the freelancer.

You can also link your client to our Help Center, which contains useful instructions.

How to sell your client on Solar Staff

Solar Staff helps quickly and legally pay contractors in 190 countries. Companies top up their balance and set tasks, and contractors receive money and withdraw it in one of the offered currencies to their payment option of choice (cards, bank accounts, e-wallets, and more).

Solar Staff takes over all paperwork and makes it so the company signs just one agreement with the service instead of tens or even hundreds with individual freelancers. This saves clients dozens of hours (often more) and spares them the headache associated with international compliance and KYC checks.

Solar Staff automates the signing of NDAs and the transfer of intellectual property rights.

Solar Staff is an international service with offices in Cyprus, the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Armenia, and Russia. Deloitte lists us in its Technology Fast 50 ranking of the fastest-growing tech companies.

More than 2,000 companies use Solar Staff. The industries of our clients span education, e-commerce, influencer marketing, retail, IT, and publishing.

Solar Staff is trusted by freelancers and companies alike. Our company is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Capterra, and 92% of Trustpilot reviewers have given us the maximum rating.

Solar Staff enjoys wide media coverage. Read about us on TechCrunch, Forbes, HackerNoon, Finextra, and


Can I invite a client from a different country?

Yes, you can.

Is the referral bonus denominated in some kind of points or actual money?

Actual money, which you can withdraw the same way as the payouts you get for completed tasks.

Is the referral bonus tax compliant?

Of course. Solar Staff will generate all necessary closing documents automatically. To learn more about accounting documents, see here.

As a sole proprietor, can I legally receive the referral bonus under my tax regime?

Please consult your local tax office regarding the possibility of receiving such income in the context of your tax regime and activity type.

Is there a limit on how many clients I can invite?

There are no limits.

Can I get a referral bonus for the same client multiple times?

No, it's one referral bonus per client.

If a client is already registered in Solar Staff, can they be counted as referred?

No, only new clients can be part of the referral program.

When I withdraw the referral bonus, will it also be subject to Solar Staff's commission?

Yes, same as any other withdrawal from your Solar Staff balance.

Can I see which clients have already signed up using my referral link?

Right now, there is no such feature, but if you do need to know, you can ask our support.

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