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Offer creation and payout workflow
Offer creation and payout workflow

Step-by-step interaction between the freelancer and client when working with offers in Solar Staff

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If you want to receive payment for your works or services from a client that's not registered in Solar Staff, you need to create an offer through our mobile app (get it from the App Store, Google Play, or AppGallery). The entire process from creating an offer to receiving the payment takes one or several days, depending on how quick the parties and banks are.

Starting from December, 1st the price for the offer is 3%

In detail: Creating and paying for an offer, plus the respective statuses

How it works:

  • New offer: The freelancer creates an offer and a task, chooses the type of service/work, and sets the price, deadline, and payer of the commission.

  • Offer approval: The freelancer sends the client a link to the offer, and the client preliminarily approves it.

  • Simplified client registration: The client provides a phone number, email, and company information, chooses the account currency. Only legal entities can be clients.

  • Generating an invoice: The client generates an invoice matching the offer price.
    If your client is based in the US or Canada, please contact support for an invoice with the details of an American bank.

In some cases, VAT needs to be added to the invoice amount. To know for sure, the client should contact Solar Staff support via the chat or at [email protected].

  • Invoice payment: The client pays the invoice using the provided bank details. After Solar Staff receives the funds, the client's balance in their account is automatically topped up. The sender must be the one paying the bank's commission for the fund transfer. If the commission is deducted from the offer payment, we won't be able to top up the client's account balance so they pay for the offer.

Important: Pay attention to the bank details in the invoice, as they differ for each currency.

  • Offer acceptance: The client accepts the offer in their Solar Staff account, and the freelancer sees a new task. For more information about accepting an offer, see here.

  • Task in progress: The freelancer carries out the task to completion and, if necessary, attaches the result. The statuses of the task and offer change to "Client review."

  • Task acceptance and offer payout: The client accepts the results of the work/service and pays for the offer. The freelancer instantly receives the funds and can withdraw them at any moment. For more information about offer payouts, see here.

If the client finds this process too complicated, contact our support via the chat or at [email protected], and we'll help.

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