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Freelancers import

Importing a file with a list of freelancers

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To invite many freelancers at once, use the import function.

1) Go to the Freelancers section and click Import.

2) Download a sample import file.

3) Fill in the xls. file as shown below.

Only the email field is mandatory, the rest can be left empty.

  • phone – phone number without +

  • fname – first name

  • sname – surname

  • specialization_code – you may find the codes here

  • invite_in_english – send the invitation letter in English: 1 – yes, 0 – no

  • note – additional information about the freelancer (up to 50 characters). It will appear in the freelancer’s profile

4) Choose your file and click Upload. If there are any issues, the system will generate an error log.

Important! Please wait until the file is uploaded. Don’t click Upload again.

If everything went successfully, the freelancer profiles will show up in the Freelancers section.

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