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How to group tasks

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You can create task groups to match your company’s projects.

To edit these groups, a user must be the company account administrator or have the Edit groups right.

Selecting tasks for grouping

  1. Go to the Tasks section in your company account

  2. Tick the tasks you wish to add to a group

3. At the bottom of the tasks table, click Group

4. The tasks can be added to an existing group or to a new one

Creating a new tasks group

Creating a new task group

You can create a task group first and add tasks later

  1. Go to Tasks

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the company account

  3. Click My groups

4. Click Add new group

5. Name the group and click Create

Renaming and deleting a task group

  1. Go to Tasks

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the company account

  3. Click My groups

  • Use the pencil icon to rename the group

  • Use the basket icon to delete the group

  • Use the minus icon to exclude all tasks from the group

Choosing a group during task creation

Step 3 in the task creation process allows you to choose a task group in the Task group menu.

Moving tasks between groups

  • Choose the tasks you want to move

  • Click Move to group at the bottom of the tasks table

  • Choose the groups and click Move

Task group reports

If you want to receive monthly acceptance certificates for your tasks groups, please contact us via chat, or email [email protected].

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