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If your company works with a team of freelancers, Solar Staff will help you:

  • Manage dozens or hundreds of freelancers using a single platform.

  • Make quick payments across 197 countries, with the commission starting from 3,5%.

  • Receive accounting documents for your tax service.

The sign-up is just three easy steps:

  1. Confirm your phone number.

  2. Enter your personal details.

  3. Confirm your email.

Confirming phone number

Go to and click Sign in in the upper-right corner.

Click Sign up.

Choose Company, enter your phone number and press Send code.

Enter the code from the SMS and press Proceed

Filling in personal details

Important! Make sure the email you enter are up-to-date and functional – you will use it to log in to the account.

Read the Solar Staff terms of service and tick the respective checkbox. Once done, click Sign up.

Email confirmation

You'll receive an email with a link. Follow the link to confirm your email address.

The sign-up is completed, and you can sign in to your account from the home page of by entering your login and password.

Next, you should fill in company details.

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