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Which card is better to add?

Tips for card payouts

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To provide a successful payout we recommend adding only VISA or MasterCard. The instructions for adding a bank card please read in the article Linking a bank card

  • Personal

  • The number equals 16 digits

  • Accepting p2p transfers

It is not recommended to add the following types of cards:

  • No name

  • Business

It is not allowed to add the following cards:

  • Swedbank

  • Citibank

  • Prepaid

  • Payoneer

  • Issued by banks of USA



  • ELO cards

  • DBS Bank India Limited

  • UnionPay cards

To learn more about the current limitations of payouts by countries please read Countries and payouts

Please be aware that reporting documents are generated on behalf of the name of the owner of the Solar Staff account. So, acts of transfer and invoices may serve as a confirmation of the received income in the system only for the account owner, but not the cardholder.

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