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Taxation across countries
Taxation across countries

Tax guides for income received via Solar Staff

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Solar Staff pays freelancers remuneration for one-time services/works based on a public offer that defines freelancer as a subcontractor. The subcontractor is not an employee of the client's company on whose invite they registered in the service, nor are they an employee of Solar Staff. Accordingly, the labor law does not apply to freelancers who use Solar Staff, and neither do concepts like employer, labor relations, and wages/salary.


  • According to clause 7.5 of the offer agreement, freelancers using Solar Staff report income by themselves, and they independently pay taxes and (or) other contributions in accordance with the selected tax system and the law of their country of residence.

  • Solar Staff does not have the option to choose a tax status for freelancers based anywhere outside of Russia, but freelancers can fill in their tax ID in their account.

  • Payment methods in Solar Staff may differ from those available under a tax status: learn more about each country's payment options.

Guides on income taxation in each country are grouped by continent and assigned a color:

Freelance income is allowed in several tax statuses (25)

Special registration of business activities required (19)

Freelance income banned (0)

These guides are for illustrative and informational purposes only and cannot be considered a substitute for the laws and regulations of the respective countries.



Tax statuses for freelancing




Tax statuses for freelancing


The list is being updated in line with the growing numbers of freelancers from different countries and support requests. If you don't see the country you want and/or have any questions, get in touch via the chat in your Solar Staff account or email us at [email protected].

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