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Topping up company account
Topping up company account

How to create an invoice and credit your Solar Staff account

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Topping up a company account available only to a company administrator or users who have the Create new invoices right.

To create a new invoice, log into your Solar Staff account and follow the next steps:

1) Click on the “+” sign next to the company account balance

2) Enter the top-up amount including Solar Staff commission fee

If you want to credit the account in advance, the amount can be calculated using the formula:

Top-up amount = freelancer's remuneration + Solar Staff commission fee + freelancer's commission (if required)

For example: you want to pay your freelancer 100 EUR and your commission fee is 3,5%. In this case the invoice amount have to be 103,5 EUR.

3) Click Generate invoice. The invoice will be downloaded automatically. You can always download it manually in the Documents → Invoices section. If you made a mistake when generating the invoice, you can delete it in the Statistics section and generate a new one.

4) Your Solar Staff account will be credited after the funds reach our bank account. Please be aware of your bank commission fee - Solar Staff doesn't take any commission by itself.

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