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Invited by the client: Next steps
Invited by the client: Next steps

Registering, setting up a profile, linking payment methods

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After receiving an email invite to Solar Staff, freelancers are recommended to complete the following three steps.

STEP 1. Creating an account

After the client invites you, you receive an invite link from [email protected] to your email. There are two ways to register:

  1. Open the link and register in the web version of Solar Staff

  2. Download the mobile app and paste in the registration link

For step-by-step instructions, see How to register as a freelancer.

Step 2. Setting up the profile


Certain conditions necessitate verification. Examples include withdrawals of more than EUR 2,500 a year or tasks requiring intellectual rights assignment. To see the complete list of situations calling for mandatory verification, read an article.

To get verified, you need the following:

  • photo of the passport or ID

  • image of a document confirming your address

  • webcam for an online selfie

For step-by-step instructions and tips on verification, please look at the Verification rules.

Tax status

Solar Staff supports all tax statuses for freelancers: individual entrepreneur, self-employed, and individual. By default, newly registered freelancers are assigned the status of an individual.

Important: These tax statuses are only applicable to Russia's tax residents.

To learn about changing the tax status and situations where the switch is impossible, read this article.


Tasks constitute the work and/or services you perform for the client company. For example, "Advertising in Telegram," "Website layout design," and "Product testing."

To view your tasks through the web version of the account, go to Tasks. The mobile app displays all tasks on its home screen.

As soon as the requester sets a task, you receive a message to the email address you registered with and a push notification from the mobile app.

To start working on a task that has the New status:

  1. Select the task.

  2. Look at its description, price, and deadline.

  3. If you're happy with the terms, you can start on the task. Its status will change to "In progress."

When you are ready to send the completed task for a customer review please add a file or link to the result of your work and click Finish. For more information about tasks' statuses and customer approval please check this article.

Step 3. Adding cards, accounts, and e-wallets

Link a payment method

In Solar Staff, you can withdraw money to cards, e-wallets, and accounts. Before linking a card or an account, make sure payouts to it are possible in your country. Also, review the applicable commissions, limits and thresholds for your chosen payment method. If payouts involve FX conversion, read the article about currencies and payouts.

We also recommend that you read the articles listed below. They provide instructions, describe restrictions associated with certain countries and tax statuses, specify currency conversion rules, and more.

Automatic payouts

As the name implies, this function automatically sends funds to your payment method after they arrive in your Solar Staff balance. We recommend enabling it after your first withdrawal to a card, account, or e-wallet. To learn more about automatic withdrawals, read an article.

Important: Automatic payouts only work for payments in the balance currency.

Automatic withdrawals are denominated in the balance currency and trigger when the balance amount reaches:

  • RUB: 100 RUB for payouts to cards and bank accounts held by individual entrepreneurs in Russia

  • EUR:

    • EUR 3 for payouts to bank cards, IBAN accounts across SEPA

    • EUR 11 for payouts to crypto wallets

  • USD:

    • USD 3 for payouts to bank cards and IBAN accounts in 29 countries

    • USD 2 for payouts to WMZ wallets.

You're good to go! Finish some tasks and withdraw your money.

If you have questions, contact us via chat or email [email protected].

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