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Terms of crediting bank cards or e-wallets
Terms of crediting bank cards or e-wallets
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Payout to a bank card or e-wallet is usually processed within six working days. In 90% of cases, bank cards and e-wallets are credited within a few minutes. Sometimes it takes longer if additional checks or technical failures happen.

Money transfer from the Solar Staff freelancer's account to a bank card goes through several financial institutions and represents a chain of payment transactions as it is shown below.

Schematic process of bank cards crediting

Why crediting of a bank card might take longer than usual?

Delays up to six working days in crediting of a bank card may happen in the following cases:

  1. Since money goes through a chain of payment transactions between several financial institutions, at each step of the flow, the payment to a card can be processed within one day.

  2. Payments are more often manually checked at any stage due to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism measures adopted among the international financial institutions.

  3. Sometimes a bank or payment system needs additional information on the payment and may request a proof to confirm the origin of the money. Solar Staff on their behalf provides the requested data or documents without involving the freelancer who initiated a withdrawal.

  4. Rarely, banks or payment system requests additional personal data of a freelancer, such as residence address or passport data. The process of a freelancer's verification can also affect the terms of crediting.

  5. Since the payments are done using IT technology, processing of transactions may face temporary technical failures at any stage of the process.

The scheme of transferring funds from the personal account of the Solar Staff freelancer to the wallet account is a little shorter, so more often the money comes instantly, although technical failures in this chain can occur on the side of any participant of the process and then, in fact, the payment can be processed within 6 working days.

Schematic process of e-wallets crediting

If crediting of a card or e-wallet is delayed for more than six business days, contact us via online chat or send a message to [email protected] . Please be informed that you are requested to attach a bank or e-wallet statement for the period from the date of a withdrawal up to the date of contacting us.

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