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Linking e-wallets to your account
Linking e-wallets to your account

Webmoney Z (WMZ)

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As a part of the procedure to add a wallet to your Solar Staff account, we will send you a text message with a one-time passcode. This will be sent to the phone number listed on your Personal details page.

The instructions to add a wallet:

  • Go to the Finance page of your account, Payment methods tab

  • Click Add WMZ

  • Enter the one-time code sent via SMS. This is sent to the phone number you registered with

  • In the secure terminal please enter the details of the e-wallet: the full WMZ number, starting with Z

  • After reading the offer agreement, click the checkbox to agree with the service’s terms of use

  • Click Send wallet.

Withdrawals to e-wallet

When you withdraw money, you will be shown the amount to be credited in USD according to the conversion rate of service.

There is a withdrawal commission to e-wallets. Read in more detail in the correspondent article.

For more information, write to us in the online chat from your Solar Staff account or send an email to [email protected]

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