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How to set up automatic withdrawals
How to set up automatic withdrawals

Auto-withdraw to a card, bank account, or e-wallet

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Automatic withdrawals to your payment method of choice is a function you can enable in your Solar Staff account.

If you do, any remuneration from your clients will automatically be remitted to the selected payment method. With Automatic withdrawals on, you will no longer have to manually send money to your card, bank account, or e-wallet.

Automatic withdrawals are denominated in the balance currency and trigger when the balance amount reaches:

  • RUB: 100 RUB for payouts to cards and bank accounts held by individual entrepreneurs in Russia

  • EUR:

    • EUR 3 for payouts to bank cards, IBAN accounts across SEPA

    • EUR 11 for payouts to crypto wallets

  • USD:

Setting up automatic withdrawal:

1. In your Solar Staff account, go to Finances and select the Balances tab. Click Auto-withdraw next to the balance in the desired currency.

Note: Automatic withdrawals are set up separately for each balance currency.

2. Check Automatically withdraw funds to the selected payment method and pick one from the drop-down menu.

3. Click Save.

Important! If there is money on your balance, we recommend making the first withdrawal manually to make sure remittances from our service are being delivered to the selected payment method. All further withdrawals will be made automatically.

How to disable or change the payment method for automatic withdrawals:

  • You can always disable automatic withdrawals. To do this, uncheck the above-mentioned option and click Save.

  • To change the payment method for automatic withdrawals, select a different one from the dropdown menu under the checkbox used to enable the option.


Automatic withdrawal from the Solar Staff balance means the funds are sent to the selected payment method, and the moment when they actually arrive to the card or e-wallet may come later. On average, a withdrawal to a bank card or an e-wallet is processed in a few minutes but might take as many as 6 business days. Withdrawals to a bank account usually take up to 15 minutes or a maximum of 10 business days. The time frames may vary depending on the bank account type.

Got questions? Contact Solar Staff support via online chat or at [email protected].

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