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Transaction Security in Solar Staff
Transaction Security in Solar Staff

Tasks with lockdown of the client's funds

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To guarantee payment for duly completed tasks, Solar Staff implements Transaction Security. Depending on the client and the works/services, kind of activity, and the business process, there are three types of fund holding.

If you receive an email notification saying that the client is now working under the Transaction Security arrangement, it means that at a certain point the client will have their funds locked down and subsequently directed towards paying for your task. The email will also specify the point at which the lockdown of funds will occur:

  • Upon task-setting

  • Upon the acceptance of task results

  • Within 30 days after the acceptance of task results

Two key factors for guaranteed payment

When performing tasks with the lockdown of client funds, the freelancer must meet the established requirements, namely ensure the expected quality and be done by the task's deadline. These are the two key prerequisites for the task getting accepted and paid.

Please note:

  • Before starting the work on a task, the freelancer should carefully review its description and requirements, as well as the deadline and price. To see the full description of a task, click on its name.

  • If the task seems unclear or you're not sure you'll be able to meet the deadline, we recommend re-negotiating the terms of the task with the client.

  • It is no longer possible to have incoming tasks accepted automatically, now the process is manual only. You'll receive an email to the address you specified when registering notifying you of a new task.

Acceptance of tasks by the client

  • If the task is completed to spec and on time, the client checks the result and accepts the task within 15 days from the completion date (i.e. from the moment you click "Complete"). There are exceptions (like tasks with special requirements) where the client may need more time to check the result, up to 30 days.

  • If the client is not satisfied with the results, they can send the task back for corrections, whereupon its status will switch back to "In progress."

  • If the client considers the result to be lacking, they can contact the freelancer and decline the task.

  • The freelancer may encounter objective circumstances preventing them from fully or partially completing the task on the original terms. In this case, the freelancer can click “Dispute task” and describe the situation. The client will be notified of the open dispute, review the freelancer's explanation, and make a decision. If the freelancer is not content with the client's decision, they can contact Solar Staff support to initiate the mediation process in order to resolve the dispute.

Payment timelines

1. Transaction Security

Funds are locked down at the time of setting the task:

  • The moment the client sets the task, a monetary amount equal to the task's price is held for subsequent payment.

  • Payment occurs within 8 days from the moment the client accepts the completed task.

2. Transaction Security upon the acceptance of a completed task
Funds are locked down at the acceptance of the task by the client:

  • The moment the client accepts the completed task, a monetary amount equal to the task's price is held for subsequent payment.

  • Payment occurs within 8 days from the moment the client accepts the completed task*.

  • If the client does not accept the task within 15 days and there are enough funds on their balance for the fund lockdown, the task is accepted automatically.

  • If there are insufficient or no funds on the client's balance at the time of the task acceptance, the task's status remains unchanged. The client is asked to top up their balance within 7 days and has all other functionality of their account temporarily restricted. As soon as the balance is topped up, the task is accepted and the respective amount is locked down. In rare cases where the client does not top up their balance within the specified period, Solar Staff starts the claim process with respect to the client, notifying the freelancer of the same.

* There are certain exceptions (tasks with special conditions or from major brands) when the period for payment may be extended.

If you have any questions, get in touch via the chat in your Solar Staff account or email us at [email protected].

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