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How tasks are set and paid
How tasks are set and paid

A look at the task and payment pipeline following an invite by the client

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In Solar Staff, services and works performed by freelancers are presented in the form of "tasks."

A task is an assignment from the client that a freelancer (subcontractor) performs through a contractor (Solar Staff).

Normally, the client invites the freelancer to the service and then sets a task.

Task-setting timeline

Each client's business processes are unique, so task-setting may vary in time. A freelancer who has accepted a client's invite and signed up for Solar Staff can already have their task waiting for them, or the client may set it later. Task-setting times may vary greatly by client, from 1 day to 30 days or more. For information about when a task is going to be set, contact the client directly.

Task acceptance timeline

Once a task is set, the freelancer must complete it as specified and in time (before the deadline). The client first checks the results of the work/service, and, if they accept them, the task status switches to "Waiting for payment." The standard time frame for accepting a task is 15 days. The exception is cases where clients have agreed extended acceptance times with Solar Staff.

Task payment timeline

When the client pays for a task, the funds arrive to the freelancer's balance immediately. Task payment occurs automatically on the eighth day after the acceptance of work results by the client (or earlier, if the client pays for the task manually). The exception is cases where clients have agreed extended payment times with Solar Staff.

Task statuses and required actions

To work on tasks using the service, both the freelancer and the client need to perform certain actions to ensure timely and correct task statuses. To learn more about task statuses, refer to the respective article.

If you have any questions, contact Solar Staff support via the chat or at [email protected]. We’re always there to help!

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