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How to withdraw funds in Solar Staff
How to withdraw funds in Solar Staff

Generating a payout to a card, wallet, or bank account

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You can withdraw some or all of the money from your Solar Staff balance at any time.

To make a payment, go to Finances. Next, follow the instructions for your country of residence:

Please note that some payment methods have withdrawal limits depending on the amount, currency, or payment system. To learn more, see Countries and payouts and Limits and thresholds.

Withdrawals for freelancers in countries other than Russia

Step 1.

Click Withdraw to generate a payment.

Important! We don't recommend enabling Auto-withdraw before the first successful payment to the selected payment method. You can turn it on after receiving the money, and that way all future remuneration for tasks will be automatically transferred to the selected card, wallet, or bank account. For Auto-withdraw to work, the currency of your payment method must match that of the selected balance.

Step 2.

Select one of your linked payment methods (card, wallet, or bank account) and specify the amount you want to withdraw. By default, the field populates with the entire amount from the chosen balance. Click Next to select the payment currency and confirm the withdrawal.

Step 3.

Your choice of currencies will depend on the selected payment method. Pick the amount in the desired currency.

Important! Payments in currencies differing from the balance currency are converted at Solar Staff's rate as at the withdrawal date. To learn more about the currencies available for different payment methods, see Currencies and payouts.

Pay attention to withdrawal commission - it is applied to the amount in the targeted currency of the payout.

Important! Amount of withdrawal commission is calculated depending on the payment method. Please see in more detail in the correspondent article.

Double-check your selection and click Withdraw.

Withdrawals for freelancers based in Russia

There are different rules for withdrawing funds depending on the financial and legal jurisdiction ("HK jurisdiction", "EU jurisdiction"):

  • Remuneration for tasks within "HK jurisdiction" can only be withdrawn in rubles, and only to Russian payment methods.

  • Remuneration for tasks within "EU jurisdiction" can be withdrawn to a number of payment methods depending on the freelancer's tax status - see table below:

Tax status

In rubles

In the other currencies


Russian-issued cards

WebMoney Z,
non-Russian cards


Russian cards


Individual entrepreneurs

Individual entrepreneur's bank account in Russia


To learn more about withdrawal of remunerations when performing tasks of both jurisdictions, see here.

Where can I check the payout status?

Your withdrawals are recorded under All transactions, which you can find on the Balances tab in the Finances section.

  • Payouts are listed in the Total column with the "–" sign, and arrivals to the balance are shown in green.

To view details about a transaction, click the "+" sign next to it in your account’s web version.

How long does it take for money to arrive?

As part of a withdrawal (debiting), a payment is generated and sent to our payment partner for processing and crediting. The payment chain includes the payment partner, payment system, and end bank. Each of them might manually verify the transaction, or even request additional info about the payment's beneficiary. In view of this, it takes an average of 6 workdays for funds to be credited to a payment method. Usually payments to cards and wallets arrive faster, while payouts to bank accounts may take 10 or more workdays. To learn more, see this article.

Can I cancel a payment?

Because Solar Staff is not a bank or a payment system, it uses the services of payment partners and banks across different regions. In light of that, all payments to cards, wallets, and bank accounts are final. If the payment comes through, you can't cancel it.

If the payment is unsuccessful, our partner returns an error and we send the funds back to your Solar Staff balance, indicating the reason in an accompanying email.


For more information, get in touch via the chat in your Solar Staff account or email us at [email protected].

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