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What are Intellectual Property Rights?
What are Intellectual Property Rights?

The procedure o rights assignment in Solar Staff

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The law recognizes intellectual property rights as rights (including exclusive property rights) to the results of intellectual activity and means of identification.

Tasks requiring assignment of intellectual property rights, an example:

Let's say you get a task in Solar Staff to write a magazine article. The task comes in with a message stating that the client needs you to assign exclusive rights to the results of your work.

This means that:

  • You transfer/relinquish in favor of the client, irrevocably and fully, the rights to use the results of your work (in this case, the article's text) for the entire period the intellectual property rights are safeguarded and without any territorial restrictions, through any and all means available to them: printed and website publication, translation into other languages, modifications of any kind, anonymous use (without crediting the author), and so on.

  • Meanwhile, you lose the right to do the same from the moment you accept the task and after handing over the results and receiving remuneration.

  • The remuneration includes the cost intellectual property rights assignment.

  • The rights are considered assigned the moment you start work on the task (in other words, the moment the rights arise). This means that you are also prohibited from using the results of the work prior to their handover.

  • In addition, you may not prohibit or otherwise prevent your client from making any kind of use of the result of your work: translating it into another language, adding illustrations (even ones you don’t like), and so on; you also give guarantees regarding the results of your intellectual activity as per the Offer Agreement.

From a legal standpoint, you agreed to these terms when signing up for Solar Staff and confirming that you accept the terms of the Offer Agreement (as regards intellectual property rights and guarantees, sections 3 and 4 thereof), which serves as the legal basis for your remuneration in Solar Staff.

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