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Verification rules

How to verify your identity, what documents to use, and general tips

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Account verification is the process of verifying your identity and your address. What is verification for?

According to the Solar Staff Terms of Use, the freelancer account must be registered specifically to the person who actually performs tasks as a subcontractor. The verification process serves to check if the freelancer's account is unique. Using one account, the freelancer can work with an unlimited number of clients.

If Solar Staff detects a second account registered to the same person, the verification is automatically denied. To have a second account verified, the freelancer needs to explain the necessity of such account in the support chat or at [email protected].

To guarantee that the verification of your identity and address is successful, make sure you're not using a VPN.

Three steps of verification

Important! There are special document considerations for certain countries: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.

In your account, go to the Profile page by clicking your name. On the “Personal details” tab, click “Get verified". Next, just follow the instructions. If your documents are in order, the verification process should take no longer than 20 minutes.




Verify identity

Take online selfie

Verify address

Select the type of ID document and upload a photo of it. The system accepts the following documents: internal passport, foreign passport, ID card, driver's license, or residence permit. Learn more

Take an online selfie with your camera. Learn more

Upload a photo of your proof of address. The document must contain your last and first name, or the series and number of the document uploaded in the first step. Learn more

For the system to accept the document, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • The document must be in your name.

  • Upload a photo of the original document, not a scan or screenshot.

  • All four corners of the document must be visible on the photo.

  • Do not cover the information with hands or other objects.

  • Do not use editing software or a mobile scanner to take your photo or crop/compress the image.

  • If your document is two-sided, upload photos of both sides.

  • Upload documents that belong to you and do not contain any corrections, because otherwise the system would deem them fraud or forgery attempts and automatically reject verification.

  • Upload files in JPEG, JPG, PNG, or PDF format that do not exceed 50 MB in size.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1. Verify your identity

For the first verification step, prepare the following documents:

  • Identity document (ID card)

  • Internal passport

  • Foreign passport

  • Driver's license

  • Residence permit

Select the document type and upload its photo. If your passport has registration details, we recommend using this document for steps 1 and 3. After uploading the photo, click Next step.

Step 2. Take a selfie

Click "Get started". If the browser can't access your webcam, edit the browser permissions. Turn on the camera and position your face within the oval shape on the screen. Click "Start" and follow the instructions. Once the process completes, click "Next step".

Important! We match your selfie to the photo on your ID. If there is another person or object in the selfie, the system will treat it as a fraud attempt and automatically reject your application

Step 3. Confirm your address

No matter which document you choose for the third verification step, it must contain all of the following information:

  • Your first and last name.

  • Your residential address.

  • The logo, QR code, or seal of a well-known organization, or the signature of its representative.

  • Date of issue (maximum 6 months prior to the verification date).

Please note:

  • You need to photograph the original paper versions of your documents, and then upload them in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format.

  • All four corners of the document must be visible in the photo.

  • Photo should not be cropped or edited.

  • Electronic documents need to be uploaded in their original format (PDF).

  • Only non-handwritten, typed documents in English, Russian, or your national language are accepted.

Eligible documents:

  • Bank documents
    A bank statement for your card or account generated in the mobile banking app or your account on the bank's website, or a paper document issued by the bank; application to register mortgage (with the seal of the bank).

  • Utility bills or service contract
    Bills for utilities, cable internet, TV, landline phone

  • Valid residential lease agreement

  • Residence permit

  • Identity document (ID card)

  • Documents from the public services portal

  • Documents from the tax service

  • Document from the state pension fund

  • Passport's page with registration details. Follow the instructions below.

Uploading the passport's page with registration details

  • The registration page must indicate the series and number of the document. If the page doesn't have them, bend its edges so that the passport series and number are visible on another page of the document.

  • If the stamp with the registration address is at the very bottom of the passport page, you need to additionally upload a photo of the next page to confirm the absence of details that are more recent.

  • The registration details must be valid at the time of verification.

  • If at the first verification step you uploaded a different document (for example, a foreign passport), then to verify your residential address you need to take a photo of two pages of the internal passport and upload these two photos in the following sequence: first, a photo of the page with the address, and then a photo of the page with your photo and name. You can also use any other document the list we provide.

Double-check everything and click "Next step". The documents will undergo automatic verification, which will take a few minutes. If everything is in order, you'll get a message about successful verification, and your account status will update accordingly.

If for some reason the verification fails, check under “Personal details” for instructions.

Special document recommendations for certain countries:


For recommendations on documents for Armenia, see Verify your account in Armenia.


In the Belarusian passport, the page with the registration address does not have the series and number of the document. Therefore, when taking a photo of this page, bend it or the other page so that the passport's MRZ code is visible (the two bottom lines on the main pages). Make sure the registration address remains clearly visible. Upload the photo as instructed.


For recommendations on documents for Georgia, see Verify your account in Georgia.


For recommendations on documents for India, see Verify your account in India.


For recommendations on documents for Kazakhstan, see Verify your account in Kazakhstan.


For recommendations on documents for Russia, see Verify your account in Russia


At the first step of verification, upload all pages of the internal passport that have your photo, full name, and details on the date and place of issue of the passport.


For recommendations on documents for Uzbekistan, see Verify your account in Uzbekistan.

Important! The system does not support certain languages:
Amharic, Bengali, Burmese, Dari, Divehi, Farsi, Khmer (Cambodian), Kinyarwanda, Lao, Mongolian, Nepalese, Sinhala, Hindi, and Urdu.

If your documents are in one of these languages, make a notarized translation into English or Russian and upload it during verification along with a photo of the original document.

If you have any questions, get in touch via the support chat or email us at [email protected].

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